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Federal Infrastructure Plan Hero
Federal Infrastructure Plan Hero

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Partner Agencies

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Partner Agencies

BIL funding has been allocated to the following agencies in order to facilitate infrastructure projects throughout the District. To explore the work of each agency in detail, please click on the corresponding link below:

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in November 2021 to revamp our nation's infrastructure by rebuilding roads and bridges, replacing lead pipes to ensure access to clean water, extending high-speed internet to every American household, delivering affordable and eco-friendly energy to businesses and homes, and generating well-paying jobs. Since its enactment, Mayor Muriel Bowser is leading the District's efforts to take advantage of the funding opportunities for District residents.


Projected Formula allocations to the District over 5 years

On March 24, 2022, Mayor Bowser convened the DC Build Back Better Infrastructure Task Force to advise on priority projects to be funded through President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

BIL Home Boxes

Formula Funding
Discover how federal agency allocations and program-specific formula funding is being distributed in the District.
Competitive Grant Funding
Explore successful grant applications and upcoming opportunities to secure competitive grant funding in the District.
Project Highlights
Get a glimpse of impactful projects already receiving support from BIL funding, soon to be implemented in the District.
As of November 2023, total announced BIL funding for the District: $2 Billion
Bar Chart showing $1 Billion in BIL funding for the District, including 81.13% for transportation, 18.22% for climate/energy/the environment, 0.52% for broadband and 0.13% for other items


We are eager to hear your thoughts on how to allocate this unprecedented amount of funding. This is a rare opportunity to invest in the city's infrastructure and we value your input on how to make the most of it.

Competitive Grant Tracker - Block C

Competitive Grant Tracker

Grants Submitted
by District agencies, totalling $1.5B in requested funding.
Grants Awarded
to District agencies, with 7 and over $200M in requested funding still pending a decision.
in Funding Received
for the S. Capitol St. Trail and Circulator and OSSE electric buses, etc.

Four additional grant applications currently in development